Off-plan Document Duty Savings

Document duty is payable to the States of Guernsey by the party acquiring the property, on every conveyance registered at the Greffe.  We can offer you the opportunity to Purchase your Infinity property off-plan in the course of construction, which means that you will benefit from the significant savings in document duty. 

As an example, if the property being purchased is £700,000 then the Document Duty payable would be £22,875, instead by purchasing the property off-plan in the course of construction at a purchase price of £150,000 the Document Duty payable would be £3,375.  This is a saving of £19,500 !!  Please see further examples below.

From the initial plot purchase to practical completion of your new home the timeframe is approximately 12 months.

For further enquiries and to discuss the options of purchasing your Infinity property off-plan please contact Sam Rowe,

Examples of Duty payable for off-plan purchase:

Plot Sale Price Document Duty Payable
(Principle Private Residence)

Examples of Document Duty if purchasing the property at full sale price:

House Price at Completion    Document Duty Payable
(Principle Private Residence)

The above information is provided for information purposes only, you should contact your lawyer for further advice on costs associated with the purchase of your property. We accept no responsibility for the information provided.